A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful mind

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You Thief....

You took my soul.. I want it back.. I'd ask for it but I simply Can't..
It has to return on it's own for it's mind is it's alone.
It takes no heed it takes no warning it simply waits for your adoring.
You tricked it you lied you took it for a ride..
It trusted you it came to you.. it is now betrayed by you..
Had it known, had you shown, it surely would have flown..
It is your captive, right from the start for it never knew, you had no heart..
It stays near to you still, against my will..
You use your power you use your charm to completely disarm..
You took my soul I want it back.. I need it so, please let it go..
Let it fly, let it run, let it walk, let it crawl, just let it pass by..
It served you well, it served you fine, now let it go It's done it's time..
it has nothing left, it has no service to serve no gifts to give..  No substance left to feed you with.
It feels empty and hallow as you let it follow with all your empty words and high demands.
A man it wants but a coward it's got for you are afraid of this mighty soul, you try to own it, so you may control it so you never have to betroth it.
you took my soul I want it back, I would ask for it but I simply can't..

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