A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful mind

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Loving Photography!!!

I have been meaning to Blog this for awhile.. LOL very funny..
Okay so here we have a lovely day at the beach. this lovely Lady was next to us and looking Rather uh DRUNK. lol 

LOL my Mother finds this disgusting.. She also Find's it disturbing that I am photographing it.. :) 
But this is to hilarious not to photograph. 

My Fuzzy headed sister tried to Alert her friend of the woman's condition when to her surpass she was just as toasted.. 

an Hour Later Let the puking begin.. 

Pictured above my brother inlaw the nark HA and a Nice police man.. 

Yes officer over there.. 

The officer says hmmmm Ladies have you 2 been drinking today? the less drunk woman say's No officer we have been drinking water it's just so hot I think we have heat exhaustion. (LMBO).. 

At this My Sister is Laughing Hysterically.

We are all watching the Show. 

You don't mind if we check your Cooler right? 

Oh Ladies what do we have here? 

Dah dah dhun.. 
Moral of the story.. don't get drunk and puke on the beach at 2 p.m if you don't want to go to jail.. lol

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