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A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful mind

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I recant, I recant...

My post about men was harsh, I would Like to Note that I am at time's to sensitive and emotional. I would Like to Highlight the part's that I truly meant.  The rest is just the rantings of a women with pms.. lol and many of you know that is a tuff time for us Girl's we get very very emotional..

So first off I do think that men  want women to be Jeanie's in a bottle when they rub the bottle she comes out and when he doesn't she stays put away in suspended animation until he needs or wants her again, Sometimes.. Also I hate being ignored or taken for granted, This is true.. why is it so difficult for a guy to tell a girl how he feel's and what his intensions are? Well why? I don't get it.. And when we ask or push the issue we are dim witted or psycho, I have heard this before. lol.. Yeah cause guy's us Girls are so good at reading your sign's. This is very true. Girls are terrible at reading sign's that men try to subtly lay out.. they draw the wrong conclusions A LOT..  I just want a guy to come out and say what he want's from me.. And how he feel's.. but not one of those weirdo guy's that come on all aggressively on one of the first 3 dates and says things like we will be so happy together or you are the nicest woman I have ever met, Cause guy's we know at that point you are so full of SHIT that you stink.... and I for one will not continue to date some stinky asshole, This is comical because I think every girl has encountered one of these weirdo's before.   he is waiting to see if something better comes along like some beautiful humanitarian with no kid's and an endless amount of accomplishments and sex appeal.. GAG ME.. lol... Sometimes I feel this way and I Know it stem's from my own personal insecurities about my own situation in Life.  Yes I am a beautiful smart women but I need some encouragement in a relationship.. I am a single mom to a 16 year old daughter and a 10 year old son with autism so yeah sometimes I wonder who in the hell would wanna take that on, Yes this is a tuff one because to me I am and my children are wonderful but I Love us so I am Biased I also realize It's a lot for some guy's so I get a little nervous about this. I just want to hear a guy say your worth it baby, your beautiful you Complete me.. haha but really it would be nice to hear a guy say I need you I want you I think your wonderful  I think your funny, I want you to be mine. any of the above would work for me I don't even have to hear them all. ;p I would like to hear a guy say yes you can be goofy, difficult, dramatic and emotional but your so much more and I Love I Love you, no baby you don't have to change a thing because to me your perfect, Of Course this part is true I am a GIRL..  And guy's if you care for or like or Love a women tell her often. we need to hear it a lot.. when we don't we feel wounded and sad and forlorn. And in return we will gladly pump up your ego.. we will support you emotionally, make you feel like a king, Among other benefits. ;) So this is the Blog I should have written. See  I know this really great sweet adorable guy and I like him a lot but he is very tight lipped about stuff like this and sometimes I just get kinda freaked out about that.. 

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