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A Beautiful Mind
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Virgo girl part 2

you and the virgo woman. 
she keeps her passion on tight reign but underneath emotions are surging. outwardly she may appear calm at sometimes even remote and unreachable, for the quintessential virgo has a serene almost classic repose. Yet hers is the one of the most conflicted of signs. 
Basically Virgo woman distrusts and is a little afraid of emotion. To her it represents the unknown the turbulent sea on which she may be set adrift without a map or a compass or a rudder. Because of this a man may wonder if she isn't a bit cold, She isn't. Virgo's enormous capacity for loving will pour out as from a rich treasury once her emotions are unlocked. Virgo is a much misunderstood sign and especially Virgo women they are characterized as timid, evasive, reserved, this is also untrue.
what virgo women do have is self-possession a sense of passion that is controlled by discipline. 
Virgo is an earth sign she is an enigmatic combination of sensuality and conservatism. The Virgo woman likes men but is very careful about allowing herself to become to involved with them. Even if she is wildly attracted to you, she has an aloofness. Her eyes and body says come close but her manner puts up a shield. ( this is so true ) .. To begin with she would never stoop to being obvious. She knows she is worth a man going to a lot of trouble for. Also, she fears being trapped in a long term living arrangement with the wrong man. Before she marries or enters into a meaningful affair, she she is careful to note where the escape route's are. For a Virgo woman falling in Love can take a long time. She moves forward step by step, revealing the layers of her deep sensitivity, learning to trust. She is discriminating rather then go out with the wrong man or a man that does not interest her, she would rather stay home and read a good book. this does not mean that she thinks lovemaking is a poor substitute for a good book (as some try to imply) It's just that she doesn't mind waiting for Mr. right to come along. And when he does he will find behind a cool facade a real woman waiting. Warm and responsive. Mean while her off putting nature has served to keep away Mr. wrong. 
The real clue to understanding Virgo woman's heart is to remember that she believes in true Love. When she truly Loves her inhibitions never control her passion. She adores pleasing her man and can be extravagantly sensual, endlessly willing to experiment with techniques that heighten ecstasy. However this is not a woman you can take for granted. You must strive hard to win her, please her, fulfill her. If you can you will have a lifelong partner who pay's you back in dividends of Love loyalty and happiness.

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