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A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful mind

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Virgo girl part 1

The real drama of Virgo's personality is interior. To the world you may give the impression of clam authority, but you are aware of your own nervous, restless, controlled intensity, the desire to be up and doing rearranging, improving. You can exhaust yourself more by simply sitting still then others do by moving around. The planet mercury, which rules Virgo and Gemini inclines it's subjects toward constant activity. It drives Virgo towards ceaseless drive to accomplish and perfect. Your emotional life is a constant striving to bring order out of chaos. Although you have a great capacity to Love, Love alone is not enough to make you happy. You need more then a mate, home, children, friends. you must justify your life, conduct yourself as a bookkeeper keeps a ledger - always ready to give a reckoning on whether there's a profit or a loss. You're ambitious but not just for money. You want to know more, to gain wisdom to practical use. Your astrological sign the Virgin tends to be misunderstood. It does not mean you are a prude or lack passion, sensuality. The Virgin stands for Purity of Purpose. You're not in the game of life to cheat or extract from others. You have higher motives you want to be of use.
Intelligence is the hallmark of you're sign. You have an analytical mind and are known for crystal clear thinking. You also have a keen ability to probe into human Motivations. People like to check their plans with you before putting them into action because you have  microscopic vision when it comes to detecting a flaw. Your superb logic cuts through muddled thinking like a laser beam. Virgo is ruled by mercury, the planet of thought and mental perceptions and you hold your ideas from your reality. If you hold on to a negative attitude, then your reality will unfold in a negative way. You tend to have difficulty getting in touch with your deeper feeling's because your mechanism of denial is so firmly set in place. "I'm not upset" you say, "I feel okay" Saying you feel okay covers a lot of messy feelings you would rather not examine. Your Nature is shy and reserved it's hard for you to relax and make small talk or be gregarious with strangers. You prefer one on one encounters In which you can offer the full benefit of your sharp insight and discriminating opinion. That's also when people discover how well read, perceptive, charming and witty you are. The first thing you learned about money is that money matters you tend to downplay your own ability in financial affairs, NO ONE is better at staying in a budget. You want the finest but rarely over pay. You have a built in resistance to self indulgence. You are health conscience and try to get the right amount of vitamins and regular doctor checkups. However in other areas you cant help but be a worrier. As a result you are prone to nervous ailments and tension. A warm relationship brings out the best in you because you are Kind devoted and very loyal. When your affections are engaged you tirelessly try to serve loved ones. they will never have to worry about who will balance the check book or take care of them when their sick.
You have plenty of willpower and dedication, and you work harder then anyone to make sure something is perfect. why? because if you can't do something superbly then you start to fear that you are failing. you are to critical of your self. actually you're an enigma that no one has quite figured out. You hold back with people you don't know well and are reserved with loved one's. Inwardly though you feel very deeply. Intensity and extreme sensitivity are part of your secret self. You like looking after others - giving advice to friends - feeding stray animals - tending sick plant's - but you need to be appreciated for the kind thing's you do. Above all you want to be useful because you truly care about people..

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