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Sunday, October 24, 2010

He is Someone I can be proud of and respect. and that is hard to find.

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I feel as if I could cry. what does it mean to Love? a question I have asked myself before but am unable to fully define. I have asked around and no one can really say for sure.  I am in Love, I think. I look at him and smile because I love everything about him.. he is adorably cute to me and I want to be near him all the time. Like ride in his pocket near him.. LOL not like stalker hide in the bushes near him. But none the less I feel pain and longing when away from him.. I haven't felt that way very many times in my Life and I really wonder the difference between infatuation and Love. I feel that it is excepting another person for what and who they are, not only seeing the good but seeing all of it and Loving them in spite of it and even embracing the faults and differences. When he isn't Looking I smile at him, I know that sounds funny but It's true I Smile because I honestly think he is the cutest dork I have Ever laid Eyes on, I love that he is a dork, I think the oddest Things are cute regarding him. I see his red facial hair and it makes me smile, his grey hair, I LOVE the feel of his hair, his freckles, his body, his adorable smile, his chest hair and I LOVE it ALL. I see his occasional snooty impatient side as annoying at times and endearing at times. I feel jittery and excited and worried and happy and Lucky and scared that it will or wont work out. Will he or does he Love me back? these questions can drive a person crazy..  I can still feel his warmth and smell his scent and I Miss him and want to be near him.. I wonder what our baby's would look like. (HAHA not that I am thinking babies at this point) I wonder how happy we could be together. I want to take care of him. I want to cook for him and do his laundry. lol.. Omg wow I am so corny.. And utterly hopelessly in Love. And it scares me.. 

I Wanted to Add this to My post;
Unspoken and unacknowledged expectations take a large toll in relationships. In having expectations, you're expecting your partner to be a certain way in order to believe they love and care about you. If you don't get what you expect, you conclude all kinds of negative things about the relationship that may not be true.
Useful Questions:
  • Do your expectations have to be fulfilled for you to be happy? If so, why? No but it would be nice.. lol
  • Do you expect your partner to conform to your wants? What does it mean when they don't? No Not at all. If they don't conform then It mean's that they are being true to themselves I take that as a good sign it means they are well adjusted and are not easily lead. 
  • Do you have preset rules in your love relationships? If so, what are they and why? Of Course as I should but they are the same as everyone else's should be, NO abuse, no cheating, Honesty.. 
  • Do you find yourself often saying “he should” or “she should”? Uh no Not Often but yes occasionally. 
  • Do you have any “If you loved me you would...[fill in the blank]'s”? If so, what are they? yes sometimes I think this way. They are if you Love me you would tell me, you won't mistreat me, you will keep in touch on a regular basis, you will want to see me. 
  • Can you think of a time you didn't do what someone wanted you to do? Did you love them, even though you didn't do what they wanted? Could it be the same with other people? Yes definitely.. and yes definitely.. 
  • Do you use another’s words and actions as “evidence or proof” that they love you?. If your partner does that thing or activity you want, then do they love you? If they don't, is that a sign they don't love you or care? If yes, why? No That is childish. 
  • Understand everyone has different wants, desires, and beliefs about what it means to be loving.
  • Be Honest
  • Examine what expectations you DO have, then openly discuss them with your partner. Find out what theirs are.
This Put's thing's in better perspective for Me.. Looking at things from both perspective's..Taken from; Self creation . com

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