A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful mind

Monday, May 9, 2011

our search for love

In our search for love isn't it funny how little we actually settle for.  We meet someone we Get along the relationship has had no real reasons for ending and after about 6 months we become familiar, we feel safe. We feel like this could be it. In our safe cozy comfy zone we let our guard down and we fall in love. It's a good thing, it's natural. the problem starts when the relationship starts dying and we ignore all of the red flag alarms going off. they are there for our protection and some of us ( ME) ignore them because hey this is LOVE.. things can't be perfect right? so we over look and we over look until it is there larger then life staring at us in a way we can no longer ignore. whether it's in the form of our love leaving us and breaking our heart or in the form of our nausea at the prospects of sleeping with this person that we Love.. It never ends happy and someone always gets hurt.. I just wonder if it all could have been avoided by listening to our red flag alarm. could we have spared ourselves a lot of pain by holding out for more? or would that just leave us alone with our persnickety high standards?

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