A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful mind

Monday, September 27, 2010

No Longer confused

I have previously written about Love and Confusion and I can say I dont have that Problem anymore. I have wanted Clarity for so long But I have always had clarity I just refused to see it. I see the truth of things. I see that my feelings of love do not reconcile with the feelings I have gotten in the past. I will find Love in Life and Learn to Live in Love. After all there is Love all around us. It's just hidden by Hate and we have to dig around to find it. It's a woman's plight to Learn to breath again after devastation, our feeling are very delicate but we are strong. Knowledge doesn't always ease Pain, but I would rather live in truth  then to waste life on a Lie. I will not lay my Happiness upon the foundation of another's destruction. My happiness is not dependent on retaliation or karma or revenge. I would rather be happy next to my next to my enemy then swallow the bitterness of Jealousy and hate. You cant punish another without ultimately punishing yourself. So Live and let live and in the words of BOB MARLEY "I just cant live that negative way bring on the positive day".

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