A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful mind

Monday, September 27, 2010

tuff times

Times are tuff, But my future looks bright from where I sit. Yes my life is hard right now but it all comes out in the wash everything comes round in time. I cant I wont trade the pain for the lessons that I've learned. The lessons you taught me have made me a better smarter more experienced person. I dont worry to much because I have a kind soul, I have me. I see wonder in the world and I love it. It's like hanging on a rope right before you hit the lake, like spinning on a tire swing going round and round looking at the sky thu the tree's. It's like the smell of fall and burning leaves and hot apple cider. It's like laughing with a group of your oldest friends. It's like laying in the grass looking at the stars on the clearest of night's. It's the secret everyone is looking for, it's us, it's nature, it's love, it's God. People miss it everyday, they cant see it because they are looking to hard. It's simplicity, It's simple. It's Life.   

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