A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful mind

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Love is my company

What shall I rely to keep me company? 
Hate isn't very sympathetic 
Bitterness is hard on the stomach
Jealousy has never been my color
Revenge doesn't play fair
Sorrow incessantly inflicts pain
Ignorance leads me astray
Empathy give's away all my emotion's 
Agony is always depressed 
Sarcasm Bite's with it's sharp wit 
Fear is a coward
Pleasure is self serving
Misery loves company but nobody love's Misery 
Burden always want's to be carried 
Illusion is tricky
It seems Love your all I have to turn to with 
your promise of embrace and your ability 
to restore my childlike laughter 
and to Keep me warm at night
I choose you Love above all else I pray for the wisdom 
to always have the humble 
spirit and divine strength to choose you. 
By C.W

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