A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful mind

Monday, September 27, 2010

victims and villains

I am a villain and a victim the same as everyone. and there is a sick dark villain in me. darkness and light fight inside of me everyday. They push and pull they are tenaciously fighting one another for control. What shall I choose? darkness? Hate rather then hurt bitterness rather then Love? only ever finding a love for lust. I choose light I will take the hurt and reject the hate I will spit out all bitterness and learn to accept myself and the things that are. I will find my place rather then chase my desire. I will accept this humbling experience and learn to let go and breath. I choose perspective rather then retrospect. I wont lay blame I will lay claim to my own culpability. I wont villainize or victimize but realize that both reside in myself. I will lighten my load by forgiving myself and my adversary. I will swiftly move into my future by not dwelling on my past. what profit is there in feeling sorry for yourself. Empowerment is power is moving on.  as hard as this is as badly as it hurts as impossible as it feels to breath I feel a sense of entitlement to survive its a divine right and an absolute ability. 

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