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A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful mind

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ha I don't understand men, or maybe I do.. ??

I don't get men at all. what I would assume is that they are hunters by nature and when they catch you and tag you they move on to bigger game.. they want what they want till they get it and then they don't want it.. They want what they can't have but if that thing ever becomes available they get weird and back away. or they grab it play with it until they realize it's not as great as they thought it would be. They want women to be Jeanie's in a bottle when they rub the bottle she comes out and when he doesn't she stays put away in suspended animation until he needs or wants her again. Why do I deal with this behavior, well because what's the alternative? lesbianism? But ya know I have so much other shit to deal with so I will just say forget it for now. If a guy is intelligent and a real man he will know how to treat me and I will repay him with loyalty and LOVE and affection. until then I am fine to just be my bad ass self and say whatever.. I hate being ignored or taken for granted.. It's bullshit. I hate when people don't make their intensions known. why is it so difficult for a guy to tell a girl how he feel's and what his intensions are? And when they don't and we ask or push the issue we are dim witted or psycho.. Yeah cause guy's us Girls are so good at reading your sign's. Ha you don't even know how you feel most of the time how are we supposed to know?? I just want a guy to come out and say what he want's from me.. a test run, a relationship, a marriage lol. but not one of those weirdo guy's that come on all aggressively on one of the first 3 dates and says things like we will be so happy together or you are the nicest woman I have ever met, Cause guy's we know at that point you are so full of SHIT that you stink.... and I for one will not continue to date some stinky asshole. but a guy that has had enough time to get to know you over a good period of time should be able to say what he want's.. and if he doesn't I don't wanna waste my time playing the guessing game. It's a waste of my energy. there's an endless number of possibilities why a guy is being non committal about his feelings. among which are he is a cocky bastard, or he is afraid of commitment, or he is afraid of women, or he doesn't like you, or he is waiting to see if something better comes along like some beautiful humanitarian with no kid's and an endless amount of accomplishments and sex appeal.. GAG ME.. lol... maybe he doesn't want to be needed or maybe he has to be needed or maybe blah blah blah in the end who care's all I know is it leaves me to guess and feel unsure.. Yes I am a beautiful smart women but I need some encouragement in a relationship.. I am a single mom to a 16 year old daughter and a 10 year old son with autism so yeah sometimes I wonder who in the hell would wanna take that on.. so if I am in a relationship I just want the guy to be straight up not dance around in an evasive politician way.. I just want to hear a guy say your worth it baby, your beautiful you Complete me.. haha but really it would be nice to hear a guy say I need you I want you I think your wonderful  I think your funny, I want you to be mine. any of the above would work for me I don't even have to hear them all. ;p I would like to hear a guy say yes you can be goofy, difficult, dramatic and emotional but your so much more and I Love I Love you, no baby you don't have to change a thing because to me your perfect. And guy's if you care for or like or Love a women tell her often. we need to hear it a lot.. when we don't we feel wounded and sad and forlorn. And in return we will gladly pump up your ego.. we will support you emotionally, make you feel like a king, Among other benefits. ;)

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  1. heres the thing about women, if we don't ask questions, we don't know the answers, we are left to assume and analyze and thats not always a good thing. We need to be told point blank with no spaces or gaps for our imaginations to fill in. Just freakin say what you mean and mean what you say. Women are complicated... West women are REALLY complicated, but we're worth the effort. Who wouldnt want someone challenging,indecisive, opinionated, & who can laugh at their own silly antics....without those qualities a relationship would be drab, conversationless, and ephemeral. A strong man could take the challenge.....don't settle for anything less.